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Walk-and-Talk Therapy is what it says on the tin : it is councelling sessions outside, according to a personalised set-up programme.

It is also during a unique session the opportunity to investigate and elaborate on a particular subject while walking.

When walking outside, nature turns out to be a protective presence and contributes to inner peace, acute awareness and self-awareness. Weather conditions are not an obstacle, they are a mirror image of our changing inner moods.

Untill now, we have « walked-and-talked » both outside in parks (Contades, Pourtalès, Orangerie) around water ponds in Entzheim or Lingolsheim, in the Alsace vineyards, in the woods, in the Ried landscape…

Call us to set up a walk-an-talk session where it suits you!

Valérie Fichet : – David Dutarte :